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About engcon

engcon is a world-leading manufacturer of tiltrotators and associated attachments which enhance the efficiency, flexibility, profitability, safety and sustainability of excavators. Under our own brand, we offer a unique tiltrotator system that transforms the excavator into a tool carrier that can replace other machines. We address the market through our local sales companies and an established network of resellers around the world.


Change the world of digging.

To become the world’s leading, independent manufacturer of advanced attachments for excavators worldwide.


Innovative solutions with end-user focus.


Resource efficient and sustainable digging.


Technology creates safer working methods.


Various tasks that replace several machines.


Lower energy needs and environmental impact.


Increased control and safety in the work environment.


Unique system turns the excavator into a multi-purpose tool carrier.


The excavator’s flexible wrist; 360 ° rotation +/- 45 ° tilt.

Quick hitches

Automatic quick hitch system with EC-Oil.


Hydraulic and mechanical tools for all types of work.

Control and safety systems

Control and positioning systems.

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The benefits of a tiltrotator


Working with a tiltrotator saves time, cuts the fuel consumption, reduces the need for manpower and machine wear, and the precision of the maneuvers makes you waste less material.


A tiltrotator increases the safety around the machine due to its high maneuverability and low space requirements, while at the same time the need for manual work is significantly reduced.


The tiltrotator easily tilts and rotates different tools as required, regardless of the machine’s position. In addition to ordinary buckets, the machine can also attach different types of tools and replace several other machines at the same work site.


The reduced need to move the excavator around means reduced environmental impact by cutting fuel consumption and at the same time less damage to the ground. Digging around obstacles and in tight spaces also reduces the need to move obstructing objects.


With a tiltrotator and EC-Oil system, the operator retains control and comfort in the working environment without leaving the cabin to attach hydraulic tools, which also increases safety.

Facts 2023

  • 16 Markets
  • 14 Local sales companies
  • 400+ Employees
  • 2 Production facilities

We create sustainable value

Our aim is to continue to strengthen our position as an industry leader in tiltrotators, with a clearly integrated sustainability perspective throughout the value chain and product offering. We strive to be a long-term sustainable company.

engcon in numbers 2023

  • 1,9 Net sales, billion SEK
  • -6% Organic net sales growth
  • 42.3% Gross margin
  • 19.8% Operating margin

30+ years history of innovation

engcon was founded on the belief that the tiltrotator would change the world of excavation. Since our beginnings in 1990, we have focused heavily on product development and the needs of our end users, and these efforts have earned us numerous awards over the years.