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General meetings

The General Meeting is engcon’s highest decision-making body and all shareholders are entitled to attend. By exercising their voting rights, engcon’s shareholders can participate and decide on several important issues such as the election of directors and auditors, adoption of the financial statements, discharge from liability for the CEO and Board, and the appropriation of the Company’s profit.

The annual general meeting must be held within six months from the end of each financial year. In addition to the annual general meeting, extraordinary general meetings may be convened. engcon’s general meetings may be held in Strömsund Municipality, where the Company has its registered office, or in Östersund, Sundsvall or Stockholm Municipality. Notice of a general meeting shall be published in the Swedish National Gazette (Sw. Post- och Inrikes Tidningar) and on the Company’s website, www.engcon.com. At the time of the notice convening the meeting, information that the notice has been issued shall be published in Dagens Industri. If the publication of Dagens Industri were to cease to be nationwide, such advertising should instead be done in Svenska Dagbladet.

Right to attend general meetings

Shareholders who wish to participate in a general meeting must be included as shareholders in a printout or other presentation of the share register regarding the circumstances six banking days before the general meeting and notify their intention to participate in a general meeting to the Company no later than the date stipulated in the notice convening the meeting. Shareholders whose shares are nominee-registered, through a bank or other nominee, must request that their shares are temporarily registered in their own names in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden to be entitled to participate in the general meeting. Shareholders may attend the general meetings in person or through a representative and may be accompanied by a maximum of two assistants. A shareholder, or its representative, may vote for all shares owned or represented by the shareholder. Shares of class A are entitled to ten (10) votes per share and shares of class B are entitled to one (1) vote per share.

Shareholders’ initiatives

Shareholders who wish to have a matter brought before the general meeting must submit a written request to the board. The matter shall be addressed at the general meeting, provided that the request was received by the board no later than one week prior to the earliest date pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act on which notice to attend the general meeting may be issued, or after that date if in due time for the matter to be included in the notice to attend the general meeting.