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Growing market for resource-efficient excavation

engcon operates in the market for tiltrotators, an attractive niche in the broader market for excavator attachments. It is a market that is under development, and it is expected to experience robust growth in the coming years.

We see good opportunities to leverage important global trends – demographic changes, sustainability, security and technological development of excavators in both mature and emerging markets. Our products help change the conditions for excavation through sustainable use of resources and by transforming excavators into multi-purpose tool carriers.

Our geographic markets and “go-to-market” strategy

Our product range is aimed at both newly manufactured and existing excavators that are currently not equipped with tiltrotators in the mini, midi and standard weight classes (up to 33 metric tons). engcon is currently active in 16 markets, and we serve our customers and end users via local sales companies and an established network of resellers. Our sales are separated into four geographical market regions:

  • Nordic region: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • Rest of Europe: Europe excluding the Nordic countries
  • Americas: North America and South America
  • Asia-Pacific: Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the Rest of the world

The Nordic region is our largest and most mature market, while a large number of countries are in a development phase where sales are expected to accelerate once a local market share of 20 to 25 per cent is achieved.

Our own sales organisation, which focuses on the end user and close partnerships with excavator manufacturers and dealers, provides us with a strong platform to grow our business globally.

Net sales per region Q4 2023

  • 37% Nordics
  • 39% Europe
  • 14% Americas
  • 9% Asia-Oceania

Value-creating business model

End-user focus and innovation is in our DNA

From the beginning, we have built close relationships with the end users of our products, with the goal of optimising their everyday life. Our organisation is decentralised and strongly customer focused. Through our local sales organisation and various partnerships, our ambition is to understand the needs of our customers and end users with the goal of constantly challenging ourselves and developing our product range.

Our focus on innovation, the end user and a strong corporate culture lays the foundation for our success and has earned us numerous awards over the years. We are well-equipped to continue strengthening our position and enhancing the efficiency of the global excavation market.