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Smarter solutions
for sustainable digging

We take pride in our products and how they are changing the world of excavation by making it smarter, safer and more resource-efficient. In this way, we create value for our customers, end users, employees and society at large.

Our sustainability initiatives are an integral part of our business, product offering and daily work. Sustainability is a driving force for our long-term growth and contributes to our ambition of being attractive as a company and employer.

Setting the standard for excavation

Our tiltrotator works like a flexible wrist on an excavator, making it possible to tilt and rotate different attachments. The efficiency and area of use of excavators increase dramatically while it reduces the climate impact and keeps land movements to a minimum, thereby reducing soil damage. Operations in cramped spaces are facilitated, not least in urban environments.

Our tiltrotator also reduces the need for manual labour in and around the work area and adds clear safety benefits in the workplace. Our EC-Oil system for automatic coupling of hydraulic attachments increases operational reliability in demanding environments since the driver does not have to exit the cab to change attachments. Moreover, our Q-Safe locking system increases safety in the event of incidents such as dropped tools.

The tiltrotator’s contribution to resource efficiency and climate per excavator (30 tons of diesel)

  • 25% Increased productivity
  • ~6 000 Litres fuel saved per year
  • ~16 200 kg saved CO2 per year
  • ~113 000 kg saved CO2 in 7 years

We drive innovation and create future solutions

We build long-term relationships with excavator manufacturers and suppliers in order to actively pursue innovation and sustainable development in our industry. Our long-term efforts to increase the positive net effect of our tiltrotators promotes a reduction in climate footprint and an increase in resource efficiency for our customers. The objective is to increase the positive net effect every year while complying with requirements for quality, safety, and innovation, and to reduce our own environmental impact through the choice of materials and production processes.

We drive innovation and create future solutions

We take responsibility for the people and communities in which we operate

We strive to be an engaging and motivating workplace that creates conditions for our employees to develop. The focus is on the health and safety of our employees. Our smart solutions help to facilitate the work of our customers and end users and to clear safety benefits in the workplace. At the same time, our tiltrotators generate societal benefits. Fewer machines can perform more tasks and local noise pollution is reduced due to faster completion of projects. Our ability to innovate and global operations also strengthen our attractiveness as an employer together with a strong culture and values.

We conduct responsible business

We aim to build long-term relationships with our suppliers, with a robust sustainability agenda that promotes product development and improvement. We develop sustainable products and solutions through partnerships and exchange of expertise with excavator manufacturers as well as close dialogue with our end users. We strive for responsible business throughout the value chain and comply with stringent ethical standards to ensure that engcon remains a credible business partner. All employees are expected to act in accordance with our code of conduct and our handbook for suppliers clarifies our supplier requirements. We also routinely monitor and evaluate our supplier base.

Science Based Targets initiative

We’re proving our commitment to building a sustainable future by joining the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). engcon is one of more than 4,000 companies worldwide leading the transformation towards a carbon neutral society. The global fleet of engcon tiltrotators contributes annually to reduced carbon emissions through direct savings in fuel and indirect savings through increased productivity and flexible work. Through sustainable innovation and scientifically based emission targets, we can increase our positive contribution to the global climate transition.

Third generation tiltrotator is launched

engon’s third product generation is designed for an even smarter, smoother and more efficient digging. To meet future demands, the new tiltrotator system is taking progressive steps towards sustainability, applying smart technology to reduce energy consumption and is adapted ready for the electrification of excavators. The integrated and user-adapted system builds on our successful concept also provides great comfort and safety for the end user. Our new tiltrotator system is presented at trade fairs and production begins in 2023.

Sustainability goals and KPIs

In order to pursue sustainable development that creates long-term value for our various stakeholders, we have defined a number of objectives that guide our work over both the short and long term. The objectives are based on factors including environmental and climate impact, safety and social responsibility, and responsible business. Through our objectives, we contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and work actively in target areas where we have the possibility of exerting an influence.