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engcon compatibility: Cat® Next Gen Hydraulic excavators (NGH)

engcon compatibility: Cat® Next Gen Hydraulic excavators (NGH)

engcon are proud to announce the compatibility of engcon’s next generation of control system, DC3, with Cat® NGH ranging from 13 to 35t. This will make installation of engcon tiltrotators and control system on Caterpillar excavators easier than ever before.

DC3 – The next generation of control system for engcon tiltrotators, is based on a new hardware and software platform which makes installation and connection towards machine manufacturer provided interfaces easier compared to the conventional aftermarket installation of today. Utilizing the interface for 3rd party tiltrotator support now available on Cat® NGH, makes the installation of engcon tiltrotators into an operation completed in hours instead of days.

Fredrik Eklind, Control System Product Manager at engcon comments.
– With increased demand for our products on a global scale, we see it as crucial to make our tiltrotator more accessible and easier to get in the hands of the customer. It is equally as important to make sure that the customer can get the full value out of what both tiltrotator and machine has to offer. With the new interface for 3rd party tiltrotator support available on Cat® NGH and our DC3 control system both can now be achieved.

By making engcon´s next generation tiltrotator control system adaptable to Caterpillar´s
3rd interface, installations are not only made simpler, the customer can now also enjoy all the technology features offered with the Cat® NGH in combination with an engcon tiltrotator.

The interface allows the tiltrotator to be seamlessly controlled via the Cat® NGH joysticks. It is also fully compatible with engcon’s second generation of positioning solution, ePS v2, allowing the tiltrotator to send both tilt and rotation information directly to the machine. The positioning information can then be used in Cat® NGH; Cat Grade solutions, Cat Payload and Cat E-Fence features A tiltrotator from engcon is now fully compatible and customers can now leverage all the technology Cat NGH excavators have to offer, all while leaving the cabin intact and without additional sensors.

The engcon system compatible with CAT 3rd party interface will be available on the market later this year, for more information about the product contact your local engcon dealer.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Huczkowsky, Head of Control system


+46 70 529 96 07

engcon is the leading global supplier of tiltrotators and associated equipment that enhance efficiency, flexibility, profitability, safety and sustainability of excavators. With knowledge, commitment and a high level of service, engcon's slightly more than 400 employees create success for their customers. engcon was founded in 1990, headquartered in Strömsund, Sweden and address the market through 14 local sales companies and an established network of resellers around the world. Net sales amounted to approximately SEK 1.9 billion in 2022. engcon’s B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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